May Fishing Updates

May! May! Mayflies!

Mayflies are a staple food source for many species of trout, and their emergence in late spring and early summer creates some of the best fly fishing opportunities of the year.

Gray Reef

Flows on the reef have bumped to 2000cfs. We have been on the water a lot lately and are seeing a ton of big, healthy fish. Fish are still actively spawning so please keep off the blonde colored redds and focus on the deep runs to target feeding fish. Fish have been dialed in on dark colored Baetis along with the usual spring San Juan worms, annelids, leeches, and midges. Don’t be afraid to fish a scud, crane fly larvae, or a larger caddis as our flows have increased and there is an influx of new food hitting the water. We have been catching a lot of fish that are nosed up to the shallow to deep transition drop offs. Our depths and weights have been variable but we are mostly fishing 5-7 feet deep from indicator to weight, and .4-.8 grams of weight (1-2 dinsmore BB’s). Water conditions below government bridge seem to be improving daily, but there is still a steady inflow from both Bolton and Bates creek. This bump in flow, along with draw from creeks for irrigation, should improve our water clarity and open up a little more fishable river in the next week or so.

Big Horn

The flows on the Big Horn have decreased from 3000cfs to 2400cfs. The river is fishing great and we are seeing a lot of healthy browns and rainbows hitting the net. We are mostly fishing San Juan worms, pheasant tails, and sow bugs. We are also having success fishing a light bug rig to the bank in the afternoon. Fish are moving into those “fun” areas on seams and heavy eddy lines, feeding suspended on good hatch days.

Miracle Mile

Flows on the mile are currently sitting around 2775 cfs and with this years snow pack and relatively low lake levels we anticipate another bump in flows shortly. We are having success with worms, eggs, pt’s, midges, and leeches.

Fremont Canyon

Flows in Fremont are currently sitting at 72 cfs. The meadow at cardwell access has been extremely busy with the usual redd robbers picking on the large spawning fish. It is extremely easy to get away from people by hiking into the canyon. There has been quite a few more fish feeding near the surface on hatching Baetis and midges. Water clarity has been good-poor and most fish are being spotted by an occasional flash or tail push. Fish are feeding within a few feet of the surface on the seams and heavy eddy lines. We have been having success on small bugs size 18-22 and fishing with mostly pt’s, black/gray midges, and the usual small red midge larvae.

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