Day Trips

Operating year round on tailwaters of the North Platte River in Alcova WY, and tailwaters of the Big Horn River in Thermopolis, WY.

World Class Experience​

What to Pack

Guests will be expected to bring sunglasses or eye protection, rain jacket/pants, fishing hat, waders/boots/sandals (if wading desired) 5 –6 weight rods and reels.

Meet Our Guides

No one knows these waters better than Bucktrout Outfitters. They will guide you to habitats that few have the opportunity to experience.

What To Expect

We are excited to include lunches on Full Days, water and transportation. Guest will need to purchase a Wyoming Fishing License.

Guided Trips

Destination & Rates

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a corporate team-building activity, or simply a fun getaway with friends, you can create unforgettable memories during your visit to Wyoming’s tailwaters. There is nothing quite like the rush of excitement when a trout eats your fly and takes off across the river.

BTO will offer fishing services at full and half day rates. All flies, leaders, and terminal tackle will be included for each trip; lunch included for full day trips during full rate season. Lodging options are available upon request. Our pricing will be based on one guide/boat per 1 or 2 guests, and fishing locations.  Check out our fabulous full day (7-8 hours) or half day (4 hours) day trips! 

North Platte

Freestone Section

The freestone section of the North Platte River, above Seminoe reservoir, is our most unpredictable float. Being a freestone river, it can be feast or famine. This section of river is off the grid and can offer some of our most exclusive opportunities. Typically, this float is better for committed, skilled fisherman, looking to fish less pressured fish and see some new water. River flows and success can be variable, typically watching water flow charts and heading there on the right day for weather and river levels is essential to success.

Float Full Day

Miracle Mile

Trophy Section

Miracle mile is about a 6.5 mile stretch of river below Kortes Dam and flowing into Pathfinder Reservoir. This is our trophy section of water. The mile can be waded or
floated, and the river and its surrounding banks are all public lands. This can also be our busiest fishery as it is the closest Wyoming tailwater to Colorado. Travel to and from the mile can be challenging, it truly is a tailwater in the middle of nowhere.

Float or Wade Full Day

*Shuttle services are not available at Miracle Mile. The road can be treacherous; we encourage all BTO guests to be prepared to help guide complete shuttles with their own vehicle.

Fremont Canyon

Small Water Big Fish

Fremont Canyon is a gorgeous walk/wade stretch between Pathfinder Reservoir and upstream of Alcova Reservoir. It offers a small water feel with large fish potential. Fremont can be very technical fishing but can exhibit some of the largest bug hatches of any of our available fisheries. Typically offering sight fishing with nymphs or dries, this stretch is aesthetically pleasing and is a great change of pace to large water fishing.

Wade Full Day

Sweetwater River

Untapped Potential

Sweetwater River walk and wade trips can be incredibly special. Nestled between two large mountain ranges, this fishery is exclusive and accessed through private lands. Success is variable based on flow and conditions, but this fishery has untapped potential and is our newest addition to fishable waters at BTO. Very few anglers have seen or fished this stretch of river. We are thoroughly excited to spend more time on the Sweetwater this year. Season runs from 5/1 to 9/1. 

Wade Full Day

Grey Reef

clear water

Grey Reef is our largest stretch of water totaling around 80 miles in clear water conditions. The famed stretch between Grey Reef Dam and Lusby Access is where we do most of our fishing. Dam-Lusby is our most consistent fishery and is friendliest for all skill levels. Grey Reef also produces the largest fish in the entire Platte drainage. There is an abundance of food on this section and every year there are multiple trophy brown trout caught between 25-30 inches.

Float or Wade Full Day

Big Horn River

Early Season FIshing

Big Horn River below Wedding of the Waters is a gorgeous fishery. It is available to fish
year-round but offers its best opportunities for numbers and size in the early season.
Thermopolis is in Wyoming’s banana belt and we regularly take advantage of its mild early season temperatures and hot fishing. It can regularly be 45-55 degrees here with no wind throughout mid-February and March. It truly is a fresh breath of air after a long, cold winter.

Float or Wade Full Day (2 Day Minimum)

Escape in the wilds of Wyoming with Bucktrout Outfitters.

Whether you are new to the sport of fly fishing or an experienced fly fisherman, our knowledgeable outfitters can help you plan a memorable angling adventure.