July Fishing Updates

Happy Birthday, America!

As we roll into celebrating the 4th of July things are starting to heat up! It has been the wettest spring and early summer that we can remember. Water conditions have been poor to fair so far this season and all of the guides are itching to spread out and fish a different section than Dam-Lusby. Clarity below Government Bridge is recovering slowly at the flow rate of 1000cf/s. If we can go about a week without another torrential downpour I believe it will clear up soon and we will all be able to spread out a bit.

Gray Reef

Flow 1000 cf/s
Despite it being a bit busy, the reef has been producing good numbers of fish on guide trips as well as good size. We are fishing a lot of variety on our rigs as one thing has not really turned on yet. We are catching fish on PMD’s, caddis, baetis, leeches, and occasionally worms. This has been a low water year thus far for our river due to the lack of water needed downstream. As soon as we get a bump in flows and a small increase in water temps, our bugs are going to pop like there is no tomorrow (because for bugs, there is not).

Big Horn

The flows on the Big Horn are around 7500 cf/s. Due to its high flows we have not been on the Big Horn for a week or so now. The flows exceeded 8500 cf/s and inflows to Boysen reservoir reached 16,000 cf/s. The usual deep and heavy crawdad, worm, and sow bugs, have been producing fish. We would not recommend public floaters on the Big Horn until flows reach a more manageable rate.

Miracle Mile

Flow: 2000 cf/s
The mile has been fishing good, we are catching some really nice fish on stoneflies, pmds, baetis emergers, and midges. We are starting to see a few adult stones crawling around and it seems any day now they are going to show up on the banks. Mile road is in terrible shape but passable with most vehicles barring any wet conditions.

Fremont Canyon

Flows in Fremont are currently sitting at 80 cf/s. Fremont is clear and fishable. We are seeing some nice fish on small baetis emergers, midges, caddis, and pmd’s.

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